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Here's a few sites which I think you'll enjoy, some of which I'm associated with in one way or another, others of which I just enjoy (then again, I enjoy all of them).  Please note that, some may be out of date, even though I try to keep up with them.

DarkMark's Domain II  This is my second fanfic site, where you'll find all my non-DC fic, covering Marvel and other companies...and that's a lot!

  DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain   Since I only had so much space on this site and it needs to be devoted to stories rather than indexes, I've transferred all my comics indexes to this site.  On the Indexing Domain, you'll find indexes to many Silver Age comics heroes, mostly DC's.  This is how I keep track of them!

Supergirl Sites

 Kara's Pocket Universe  This was my "home" site for years, and still is in many ways.  Thanks to TransformerMan and his great support, I got my fanfic on the Web and got started in this thing.  But don't hold that against him! ;-)  Seriously, folks, T-Man has a great Supergirl site here with some interesting features, including graphic manips of Supergirl, and there are some stories, FAQs, and an index of mine there you won't see on this site.  Let's hear it for T-Man; he's the greatest!

Argo City  A site with a lot of Supergirl stuff, including banners, pro and fan art, a review of the movie, and other things.

Supergirl, Maid of Might  Another good site, mostly involved with the Peter David version of Supegirl. 

Superman Through the Ages  One of the best Superman sites on the web, with material on Supergirl as well.

  The Aurora Universe   Not for people under 18.  A different take on superwomen, some of whom are based on Kara.  This site features adult-tinged stories and graphics, so the younger set is verboten from it.  But the site's owner and writer is a good writer and a good friend of mine.

Comic Fan-Fiction Sites

 CFAN   The former nexus of all comic book fan-fiction on the Web.  I did several round-robin stories in their sections for comics and otherfic, and sitemistress Kielle has been another great friend.  The site is now dormant

 Stories From the Shadows   A great page of DC and Vertigo-related fiction, hosted by Luba Kymtyk and featuring many good fictists' work.  Oh, yeah, I'm on there, too.  Hi, Luba!

 Alara's Magneto Page   Wherein all things Magneto are found, including essays, articles, and a whole big bunch of fict.  Alara, the sitemistress and fellow fictist, helped muchly with info and criticism on "Devil's Diary", which ended up winning a Gamma-Ray Maggie Award.  Awwww,. shucks, Alara! ;-)

 Asteroid A  Another of Alara's Magneto pages.  Guess which story is archived there?

 Darkest Heart  Alara's site for super-villain stories.  I have a few of mine archived here.

 The Legion of Super-Heroes Fan Fiction Archive "Hellsister" and my other Legion stories are archived here, but that's not the reason you should go there.  You should go there because they have a lot of other neat stories about Legion members, and because the two site owners are good folk.  And because I said so.

 The Carol Danvers Homepage   This site was of great help to me in putting together the story of Ms. Marvel / Binary / Warbird.  It has a ton and a half of info on all things relating to Carol Danvers, plus a load of graphics, art contests, and, yeah, fan-fict.  The Carol story will be hosted there as soon as I can get the thing finished.

 Rogue's Fan Fiction   Another fine site from a fellow fictist, and one on which I have a story or two.

  Unfrozen   A site pertaining to all things Iceman-ish, including some fan-fiction.  "The Iceman Goeth" is hosted there.  Formerly the Itty Bitty Archive, has a lot of X-Men stories archived on it, including a few of mine.

 Jean's Sanctuary  A site dedicated to Jean Grey, aka Marvel Girl / Phoenix.  "X-Men 1970"  is archived there.

 Down-Home Charm   If you want to know anything about Rogue of the X-Men, or read fan-fiction about her, or see images of her, this is the place to go.  An awesome site for history and for very attractive design.  The Carol Danvers story is archived here.

 CBFFA 2001   The 2001 Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards ceremony.  I wrote part of the storyline, which is NOT archived on the'll have to click the link here to get it! ;-}  Thanks for the awards, folks.

 Stars and Garters   A page all about the Beast, on which my "Bobby and Hank" story is archived.

 Indigoskynet   Homepage of Indigo, ficter supreme and friend, with a lot of interesting writing thereon.

 Author's Spotlight  A site featuring interviews of fictists in the comics and anime field.  Trisha-Lynn did one with me, but be sure and check out the others as well, since they're all a good read.

 The Advantages of Fan-Fiction  If anyone wonders why you write, read, and / or enjoy fan-fiction, point them this way.  An excellent essay on the subject, which I first read thanks to a CFAN link.

 Superboy Lives!   A page featuring excellent fan-fiction dealing with the REAL Superboy, the teenaged Kal-El.  Highly recommended.

 The Golden Age Fanfiction Site   A site full of stories about heroes of the Golden Age, organized in an "issues" format.  Contains several Timely (Marvel) series and a Fawcett series by yours truly.

 The Wayside   One of the estimable Kielle's sites, featuring ficts of a bunch of characters who are treated a lot less often in fict than, say, your average X-Man.  I have a few stories archived there.  Thanks, K!

 Subreality Central   A site full of stories, FAQs, and art pertaining to Subreality.  If you don't know what it is, go here and find out.  "Subreality?" is archived here.

 Firebird's Web Site  Another fine fanfic site, at which "With This Ring" is archived.

 Stars and Garters  An archive of much Beastliness (it's devoted to Hank McCoy of the X-Men).  One of my X-Men 1970 stories is to be archived there.

 The Danger Room  Rivka's fine X-Men site, at which most of my X-Men fict is archived.

 Ebonbird's Cache  Another good fanfic site, at which "Maggie" is archived.

 From the Ashes  An archive for fict and pictures dealing with the World Trade Center incident.  "Heroes" is on this one.

 Mighty MLJ .com  A site with all sorts of information about the heroes of MLJ / Archie / Red Circle.  My Mighty Crusaders story is archived there.

 The Chimericon  Kielle's site for the fict that she really likes.  Apparently, she really liked "Pictopia". ;-)  Thanks.

Other sites:

 THUNDER Agents  The official site of the THUNDER Agents.  It looks great, and we hope the owners will manage to get them into some all-new assignments.

 The Marvel Family Web   A great site concerning the original Captain Marvel and family, with tons of cover repros and history.  Check it out!

 Don McGregor's site  One of my fave people in comics (and I have a LOT of fave people in comics) has finally gotten on the web.  Go by and say hello to him, and see what he's working on.

Joe Rubinstein  Another new friend, and one of Marvel's and DC's better inkers.  Check out his commissions page.

 Nightscrawler's Gallery  The online hangout of probably my best artist-friend (and sometime collaborator) in the industry, Dave Cockrum.  Go by and look at it.  Any of you who love the X-Men, the Legion, Blackhawk, or just good comics should do so.

 Mikel Midnight's Golden Age Directory A page full of links to other pages about Golden Age comics.  If you want to know about the heroes of the 40's, many of which are still with us in some form, here's a good place to start.

 Seeing Ear Theater This is part of the Sci-Fi Channel's site, on which aural adapts of various stories are hosted, in good old-fashioned radio drama style.  What makes it interesting to the comics fan is that two of Neil Gaiman's stories are so adapted, and they're both handled excellently.  Go there.

 Outside the Lines Homepage  A lot of my stuff shows up on OTL before finding its way here or to other pages.  Here's the homepage for that home of fictists, with useful info on writing such things and how to sign up, if you're interested.

 POV Online   Mark Evanier's website.  A load of interesting history, opinions, and fun from one of the best humor writers in comics, and a personal friend.  Then again, all his friends are personal.

 Mark Misercola's site  A novelist whose "Death of the Centurion", set in the New York comic book industry and inspired by the death of a very famous comics character, is a darned good read.  Check it out.

Mandi Steele  This is the site of Mandi Steele, an awfully pretty gal who dresses up often as various incarnations of Supergirl and definitely looks the part!  She also likes Supergirl fanfic.  What else do we need to link her??

ABC Fic Awards  A site for Buffy, Angel, and Charmed fanfic awards.  My two Buffy / Supergirl stories have been nominated, so check it out.

Other sites of note

 Wrestlinglady's Home Page  This has nothing to do with comics or fan-fiction, but the owner is a good friend, a longtime supporter of my Supergirl series, and a writer of some good wrestling fiction, ranging from PG to R-rated.

 Wrestling Holds Gallery   Why another wrestling link?  Well, besides the fact that the sitemaster, Maverint, is a friend of mine, he also has the Screaming Mimi / Shanna story archived on this site!  Plus gobs of photos illustrating various wrestling holds and techniques.  Think you'll enjoy it.

 Whoosh!   If you enjoy the Xena TV show (and I do), this is probably the best site to investigate first.  Intelligent essays and commentary plus a decent amount of pix, and links to the other major sites.

 World Wide Wendy   This is a site I ran across while writing "A Summer of Wendy".  It's run by Wendy Russ and devoted to people real and fictional who bear the name Wendy, and it's an awful lot of fun.

More to come.  I promise!

And if you want to link to my site, here's a neat graphic Dylan Clearbrook made for me.  He's a fan and friendly acquaintance, and, wouldn't you know it, he also writes Supergirl stories.  To see them, go here.